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naloo_chameleon_16_orange.png naloo_chameleon_16_hellgruen.png naloo_chameleon_16_blau.png naloo_chameleon_16_pink.png naloo_chameleon_16_dunkelgruen.png

The Chameleon 16" is the perfect bike for children who no longer need stabilisers.

A very low-step frame and perfect geometry make the transition easy and cycling with pedals is quickly learnt.

The really low overall weight and components suitable for the user’s age like extra-thin handlebars and especially small brake levers round off a well thought out package.

CHF 399.–
SRP € 349.00
naloo_chameleon_20_orange.png naloo_chameleon_20_hellgruen.png naloo_chameleon_20_blau.png naloo_chameleon_20_pink.png naloo_chameleon_20_dunkelgruen.png

The Chameleon 20" makes your child more mobile with a much wider discovery radius.

With its 8-speed Shimano Altus gears this bike can tackle a steeper gradient. Its overall weight is wonderfully low and ensures handling that is child’s play – and not only when cycling.

The components are thought through to the smallest detail and all especially child-friendly in size and design.

CHF 499.–
SRP € 439.00
naloo_chameleon_24_orange.png naloo_chameleon_24_hellgruen.png naloo_chameleon_24_blau.png naloo_chameleon_24_pink.png naloo_chameleon_24_dunkelgruen.png

The Chameleon 24" is the perfect companion for cycling to school or for a country outing.

Like all bikes in the Chameleon range the 24" model has cables concealed in the frame, particularly high-quality accessories and weighs about 30% less than conventional children’s bikes.

The 8-speed Shimano Altus gears are changed by means of a child-friendly twist grip and all accessories – just like the geometry – are optimally adjusted to the biker’s age.

CHF 549.–
SRP € 489.00