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  • Weighs just 7.9 kg
  • An Adaptive Frame that grows with the child
  • 8-speed Shimano Altus gears with a twist grip
  • Concealed cables
  • All-round 20 x 1.75" tyres
  • For children from age 4.5 - 7.5 or c. 105 - 125cm tall
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CHF 499.00

SRP € 439.–

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  • Pedal body made of glass fibre reinforced nylon
  • Metal pins for a super grip
  • Cr-Mo axle with doubly sealed bearings
  • Built-in reflectors
  • Dimensions: 93x86x18 mm
  • Weight: 280g the pair

CHF 34.90

SRP € 29.90

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Rack 20"


  • Lightweight aluminium carrier
  • With spring clamp and adapter for rear light or reflector
  • Designed for the Chameleon 20"

CHF 39.90

SRP € 34.90

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Mud Guard 20"


  • Securely screwed-on plastic mudguards
  • Cover the tyres effectively and keep rain and dirt at bay
  • Designed for the Chameleon 20"

CHF 29.90

SRP € 26.–

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Kick Stand 20"


  • Lightweight die-cast aluminium side stand
  • With rubber base and assembly screw
  • Very easy to fix to the bottom bracket (screwhole in place)
  • Designed for the Chameleon 20"

CHF 12.90

SRP € 11.–

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  • A bright, clear sound
  • Easy to reach without taking a hand off the handlebar
  • Easily fixed to the handlebar
  • Fits all NALOO bikes

CHF 6.00

SRP € 5.–

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Water Bottle 20"


  • Drinking bottle designed for the Chameleon 20"
  • Easily removed sideways
  • 300 ml content
  • 100% BPA-free
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Soft nipple, easy on the teeth
  • Bottle and holder set (incl. screws)

CHF 14.90

SRP € 12.90

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Geometrie Naloo Chameleon 20

Chameleon 20


Wheel Size

20 Inch


Standover Height 15cm from the seatpost


Min. Inseam Length

  Lowest Saddle Position 550
E Top Tube Horizontal 449
F Handlebar Reach 735
G Head Tube Angle 69.5°
H Bottom Bracket Drop -30
I Wheel Base 888
(Measured in mm)

NALOO Adaptive Frame Design
Adaptive Frame Design

NALOO frames grow with you

Thanks to the very low-step frame and low saddle height children can ride a NALOO bike at a very early age, and thanks to a seat post that extends further back as it is raised the distance between handlebar and saddle increases with the length of the child’s legs.

Thanks to the adaptive frame design children can choose a larger frame sooner and use it for longer. That means more fun for longer with the same bike and fewer initial difficulties when switching to the next larger frame.



Concealed cables

Are they a must? No, of course not, but we feel that what is now standard for parents’ expensive bikes should not be ruled out for children. They look smart and, above all, there will be no more scratches from protruding cable holders.


Low bottom bracket

Standard for bikes for adults, a low bottom bracket is a genuine benefit for children too. You no longer feel “on the bike” but “over the bike,” leading to a much safer and more stable ride feeling that is a great help for children who are learning how to ride a bike.


Child-friendly ergonomics

The details are what matter. We carefully test and select each and every component – extra small diameter handlebar grips, short and adjustable brake levers, the right handlebar width, a child-friendly saddle, a crank length for the best power transmission. Everything for the right age and height.


Super lightweight

NALOO bikes weigh about 30% less than conventional children’s bikes and are among the most lightweight in the market. Because children themselves weigh less, a weight saving of one kilogram has a much greater and more positive influence for children than for adults.

Children notice the difference immediately. The bike is easier to ride, nippier, easier to accelerate, and makes even lengthier outings child’s play. Parents also benefit from super lightweight NALOO bikes: not only because cycling is more fun for the children but also because the bike is so much easier to handle in day-to-day situations. If you have ever had to carry a conventional children’s bike you will know what we mean…


Child-friendly geometry

A good children’s bike is not a smaller version of a full-sized bike – not even where its geometry is concerned. Successful geometry makes children feel at ease in every situation and they ought surely to feel at ease on their bike from the first moment on. Only then will they make swift progress with their new bike and have fun for miles and miles.

In collaboration with experienced experts and children we have developed an especially well-balanced geometry – to help children to learn fast and cycle safely from the word “go”.


Top components

We choose each and every component carefully and test it for function, ergonomics and weight. That has enabled us to develop a bike that is 100% suited to children’s needs.

The quality of the products we specify is on a par with that of more expensive bikes for adults. Real children’s bikes for real adventures!



Lightweight high-quality 6061 aluminium


Lightweight aluminium fork, 1 1/8" Ahead stem shaft


1 1/8" Ahead shaft


3D forged 6061T6 aluminium, length 50mm, angle +7°


Lightweight aluminium handlebar, width 500mm, backsweep 6°


Age-appropriate handles, end stoppers with cone clamps that sit tight, free of plasticisers and toxic substances


Forged aluminium crank, robust 32-tooth steel chain ring, length 114mm, plastic double chain guide

Shifter Shimano REVOSHIFT 8-speed
Derailleur Shimano Altus
Cassette Shimano 8-speed, Gear combination 11-32

Plastic pedals, age-appropriate size


Tektro V brakes front and rear, child-friendly range-adjustable Tektro brake levers and high-quality, smooth-handling internally routed Jagwire cables and sheaths


Aluminium rims, stainless spokes, 20 in front, 24 in rear wheel


Aluminium hubs with sealed bearings


Kenda Small Block 8, 20x1.75", low roll resistance, plenty of grip

Inner tubes

Kenda Superlight with car valves for ease of pumping, including at filling stations


Age-appropriate ergonomics, robust upper material, free of plasticisers and toxic substances

Seat post

Aluminium seat post, length 250mm, diameter 27.2mm, adjustable seat clamp for different seat positions


7.9 kg (without pedals) 

Max. weight permitted

60 kg


Size table for 20" model

Min. inseam length


Age From about 4.5 - 7.5 years
Height From about 105 - 125cm


The most important and most exact criterion for selecting the right frame size is the inside leg measurement. Age and height are a very imprecise guide.

Measure inside leg length including shoes, given that cyclists wear shoes.

See the chart for how to measure in-seam length.

Where can I buy a naloo bike?


From your cycle dealer

He will supply the entire package. The bikes are perfectly assembled and adjusted – the most important precondition for long-term cycling fun on your new NALOO bike.

Find the right frame size for your child. At your dealer’s you can try out all the bikes and have them adjusted to the child’s height.

Choose the right accessories and have them fitted by a pro. That’s a good feeling!



Online Standard, free of shipping costs

You choose the right size on the basis of our size chart. The bike is delivered pre-assembled and adjusted. All you need to do is attach the front wheel and handlebar and possibly make minor adjustments to the brakes and gears. You also fit the accessories yourself.